Nomad Cruise

On Nomad Cruise they’ll gather a bunch of people all interested in the prospect of living a place independent lifestyle on a cruiseship to learn, network and have fun together. I’ve already applied and I really, really hope they’ll accept me for the Mediterranean Sea cruise in September.

Work-from-anywhere companies

This list was the reason I started this blog. It displays 67 companies that let you work from wherever you want to, as long as you got an internet connection.

I know, it’s quite obvious. But to anyone who hasn’t tried out a membership here, I highly recommend it. They have a lot of interesting courses here, most of them are high tech and suitable for jobs with place independent income.

Become a successful digital nomad – The complete guide

Casey, which was the first Escape artist I interviewed, recommended this course. It’s highly rated and quite cheap. This guy has been part of Remote Year, so he should know what he’s talking about.

Total Wealth Insider

I stumbled across this investment newsletter a few months ago, and decided to give it a try since it was fairly cheap. Jeff Opdyke, the main man behind the newsletter, predicts the financial future, and he’s very good at it. I knew months ahead of time that the FED wasn’t going to raise the interest rates this fall, and that Donald Trump was going to be the next US president. I’ve earned money following his advice, and learnt a lot about what’s really going on in the world economy. I think this newsletter is a wonderful resource for any person, but since you’re looking for ways to earn money regardless of where you are, this newsletter is  a must.

 WebWorkTravel group on Facebook

A massive Facebook group that just passed 20 000 members. Here all things digital nomad gets discussed and it’s a great resource for anybody looking for tips, links, jobs, advice etc.

Digital nomads around the world group on Facebook

Basically the same as the group above, only with 31 000 members. Go explore!