Escape Artist #11: Mike, the travelling graphic/web designer

Meet Mike, a really talented graphic and web designer that eventually went nomad because the thought of never giving it a shot scared him more than just doing it. Mike quit his steady, full time job in the US and started his own freelancing career, and 2 years later he seems to be thriving! Let’s get to know Mike a bit better.

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Escape Artist #10: Nata, the presentation designer

Say hello to Nata Kostenko, a Ukrainian digital nomad. She had a great job in human relations in an IT company, but wanted more hands-on work and to see the beautiful places the world has to offer. After realizing she wanted to help clients by creating and designing presentation material, she did something about it. Now she’s reaping the benefits of her efforts, and living a life with more opportunities and fun. This lady is definitely worth listening to!

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Escape Artist #9: Christian, the SEO consultant

Imagine living with your girlfriend in Madrid, Spain, both of you having stable jobs there. After one hell of a trip to Sri Lanka you discover the possibilities of the digital nomad lifestyle. You just can’t seem to get the idea out of your head. So what do you do? You ask your boss for a 12 month leave of course! This is the story of Christian and Inês, in the middle of their 12 month adventure.

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Escape Artist #8: Sanne, the online marketing consultant

Say hello to Sanne, a veteran digital nomad with almost 10 years of experience, despite her young age. She first moved abroad when she was only 17, and continued by living in developing countries around the world. Now, after having developed her skill set for so many years, she can afford to live wherever she wants to. If you want to get to know this lady who has seen it all, good (swimming with dolphins) and bad (scraping used condoms off hotel room floors), check out her awesome interview below! Continue reading “Escape Artist #8: Sanne, the online marketing consultant”

Escape Artist #7: JoEllen, the travelling family mother

Meet JoEllen, the American woman who got the travel bug when she had an international exchange aged 17. Ever since then she’s been experimenting and learning along the way, and she has a learn-by-doing attitude! What makes JoEllen special amongst digital nomads is that she’s also a mother traveling with her family. If you ever thought that digital nomadism was something you only did in your twenties without kids, check out this woman’s story! Continue reading “Escape Artist #7: JoEllen, the travelling family mother”

Escape Artist #6: Bojana from Lifestyle Montenegro

Allow me to introduce the first Escape Artist from Montenegro – Bojana from Lifestyle Montenegro. When Bojana came back to her home country after studying abroad, she found herself frustrated with the lack of focus on innovation and personal development. Some people might accept this fate and blend in with the rest of their societies, but not Bojana. She started a blog about luxury tourism in Montenegro, and now has over 13.000 followers! Let’s hear what she has to say. Continue reading “Escape Artist #6: Bojana from Lifestyle Montenegro”

Escape Artist #5: Jana from Zettist

Say hello to Jana, the small town girl who never really fit in growing up, and who dreamed about travelling the world (her dream destination being Bucharest, Romania!). Fast forward a few years, and you have a grown woman, owner of Zettist, an awesome content marketing business, that allows her to be wherever she wants to be and still earn money. Her current dream home is Antigua, Guatemala, where she lives with her boyfriend and two dogs. And this summer, she’ll finally get to visit Bucharest. If you get the feeling this is not a boring average woman, you’re right. Let’s get to know her story with her own words…

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Escape Artist #4: Nick, the startup/small business consultant

Welcome to Nick, the first male digital nomad! Nick was born to parents of Thai, Chinese, Irish, Polish, Lithuanian and American heritage and lived in 3 different countries before turning 25 (!), so becoming a digital nomad seems like the natural choice for such a citizen of the world. Nick is a worldwide start up and small business consultant, and likes helping companies that really make a difference and improve peoples lives. Let’s get to know Nick a bit better! Continue reading “Escape Artist #4: Nick, the startup/small business consultant”

Escape Artist #3: Grace the freelance filmmaker

A big, warm welcome to Grace, a freelance filmmaker and communications professional. What started out as a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia, developed further into a shot at the digital nomad lifestyle, and ended up with place independent income and total freedom to travel the world. Grace was a skeptic at first, but it all turned out quite well for her. Let’s find out how she did it. Continue reading “Escape Artist #3: Grace the freelance filmmaker”

Escape Artist #2: Laurat from Cush Consulting Group

Escape Artist #2 is Laurat, our first digital nomad entrepeneur, and she established Cush Consulting Group 6 years ago. With this firm, Laurat has been able to provide place independent income for herself and travel the world. To get to know more about how she was able to create this lifestyle, check out her awesome answers below!  Continue reading “Escape Artist #2: Laurat from Cush Consulting Group”