About Me

Portrait of author of this blogI’m a young, western man living a normal, western life. There are so many things to be grateful for about such a life, so I feel a bit bad about complaining. But I think a life spent working from 8-4 every day, counting the days until the weekend starts and travel for two weeks of the year, sounds really, really boring.

I finished my design studies a few years back, got a job in print production and an apartment. Told myself I would just do it for a few years to build a solid base. But as time flies by, I realize that I’m probably never going to feel like I’ve built a solid enough financial foundation. Things are never going to be perfect. So I’ve started dreaming again. About getting place independent income so that I can set my own terms, enjoy life, and still be able to give a lot of value to society.

On this blog my main goal is to interview and get inspired by the awesome wizards that have escaped the rat race. People who get to travel the world and still earn an income. Click here to see the interviews.