Escape Artist #6: Bojana from Lifestyle Montenegro

Allow me to introduce the first Escape Artist from Montenegro – Bojana from Lifestyle Montenegro. When Bojana came back to her home country after studying abroad, she found herself frustrated with the lack of focus on innovation and personal development. Some people might accept this fate and blend in with the rest of their societies, but not Bojana. She started a blog about luxury tourism in Montenegro, and now has over 13.000 followers! Let’s hear what she has to say.

Logo for Lifestyle Montenegro

I decided to switch from a basic office setup to the digital world.

How do you make money as a digital nomad? What kind of projects are you typically involved with?

I have turned my hobby and passion into work. Through social media I have created my personal lifestyle blog concentrated on promotion of outgoing and incoming tourism services in Montenegro. Basically, what I do with my blog is to promote high quality services and luxury tourism in Montenegro – both for foreigners and expats but also outside of Montenegro for Montenegirin citizens.

Please describe your blog Lifestyle Montenegro.

Most visited Instagram page in Montenegro – promoting luxury lifestyle and services in our country. Lifestyle spot for all interested in this kind of lifestyle.

Luxury tourism symbolized by this pool
Fancy a taste of the good life?

How do you find paid work?

I have succeeded in creating a well visited and interactive blog and I am now in the situation that online marketing and blogging work finds me =) Potential clients reach me with their enquiry. If I am in the position to provide them the services of that kind, then we do it in a way of collaboration and collaborative promotion.

Related to my law background I have used Upwork and Linkedin as platforms, but after several connections with really successful digital nomads, it basically goes through recommendation.

What’s your story? How did you end up where you are today? What motivated you to live this lifestyle?

Well, yeah my story is pretty young but may be used as an example. I spent some time in Austria, learned German there and studied law. After some time I decided to get back to my home country – Montenegro. Montenegro is an amazing destination, but does not really offer that much freedom or that much space for new innovative things and thinking. Even if we do have amazing employment opportunities in our market and we do have a challenging situation with EU integrations, one thing is still missing – the speed of personal development and progress is really low. I can compare those two countries and how fast you learn new things in Austria. That is not the case with Montenegro.

The other relevant thing is my passion for entrepeneurship. Since I am reading and following up on all subjects related to digitalization and development, almost every idea that jumped to my mind was a challenging one,  since it was not really in the flow of the Montenegrin market. People in Montenegro have just started to realize how powerful and impactful the digital world is, and how blogging and social media can impact their brands and services.

Due to the things mentioned above, I decided to switch from a basic office setup to the digital world. And of course, one even more important thing…the freedom to travel and to be wherever you are, but still be able to finish your work and make good progress. That’s really something we all should appreciate.

I think that in 10 years or even less, even the most important world-wide companies will start outsourcing to digital nomads. I mean, they do it even now.

What are the best sides of living a digital nomad lifestyle?

1 – You can objectively follow your own development. It pushes you to follow more information about digitalization and development, which means that almost all digital nomads follow the flow of development. The possibility for them to find some work in the future is much, much higher.

2 – It also saves your time because you can usually work from home and your own computer, you can even have important meetings through online platforms.

3 – Gives you more freedom to travel.

And the less glamorous ones?

Hm, that moment where you went for a coffee and you have to work in a coffee shop, but the internet connection is not really that good. Others…well I don’t see the bad sides yet, maybe because I have just stepped down into this world. But I’ll let you know as soon as it bumps to my head:P

Portrait of Bojana
Bojana (right) checking out Brandenburger Tor with her sister in Berlin.

What’s your top tips for people that want to earn place independent income?

To follow the development of new professions, to use online courses and platforms and to master one thing. After that one they can master another, but it’s important to remember that whatever they choose to work on, they should give their best to be good at it.

Do you have any tips for resources for aspiring digital nomads (web pages, books, courses etc.)?

Coursera – specialization courses, especially for digital marketing, data science and SEO.
For designers – which connects you directly with Linkedin.

Please mention some amazing places you’ve discovered lately that you definitely want to go back to.

Hm, I would say that I was really impressed with Oslo – Norway. I  spent 5 days there as young leader within Telenor Youth Forum – and the topic was digitalization and peace – the usage of digital technologies to solve world wide problems and the development of digitalization.

Portrait of Bojana
No wonder she’s smiling!

Do you think this type of work and lifestyle is possible in the long run? How would you balance it with starting a family?

I think that in 10 years or even less even the most important world-wide companies will start outsourcing to digital nomads. I mean, they do it even now, but I think that even more people will exchange their office desks with home offices or  the beach and a laptop. In the long run it definitely challenges you to become more specialized and learn new things. I would say that it will give you more freedom, freedom to spend more time with your family and to take them to different trips and places. The freedom to organize your time and work is very, very important.

Do you want more people to follow you? If so, how would be the best way to do that?

I want more people to discover Montenegro and it’s culture…and for me the best way to do that is to create interactive concepts and interesting content.

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