Escape Artist #2: Laurat from Cush Consulting Group

Escape Artist #2 is Laurat, our first digital nomad entrepeneur, and she established Cush Consulting Group 6 years ago. With this firm, Laurat has been able to provide place independent income for herself and travel the world. To get to know more about how she was able to create this lifestyle, check out her awesome answers below! 

The freedom is breath taking. Freedom, if used correctly can be an excellent gift.

Portrait of Laurat from Cush Consulting Group

How do you make money as a digital nomad?

I started Cush Consulting Group 6 years or so ago in Chicago before I even started travelling. Cush was started as a conglomerate of consultants that I outsource work to. As of late, all of the work has been getting outsourced to only me as consultants change schedules, interests or availability. For the most part, we’re a communications firm that focuses on educational, philanthropic and cultural initiatives.

My work varies, but for the most part it involves providing various research and content related materials to global firms. My current projects involve serving as project manager with a virtual call center, providing content for blogs, providing daily research for an expat relocation company, market analysis and data coding work with Google España and marketing relations for an expat centered insurance brokerage firm in Barcelona. Sometimes I have more clients, and sometimes work or needs with existing clients is minimal.

What are some typical tasks you have during a workday?

Answering calls on my virtual call center system, writing documents and or performing customized tasks per client direction.

What’s your story? How did you end up where you are today? What motivated you to live this lifestyle?

My parents were West African diplomats that gave birth to me in the United States, so I learned about the variety and diversity of the world from a very young age. I married young and started a family young. When that collapsed, I went back into discovering and nurturing my dreams. Traveling, business consultancy and living a life of meaning and substance; not just getting a regular job, but creating a job that I love.

Metro ticket in Bilbao
Where to next? Bilbao of couse!

What are the best sides of living a digital nomad lifestyle?

The ability to connect with the world. The freedom is breath taking. Freedom, if used correctly can be an excellent gift. I have the freedom to work, make money, travel, meet interesting people, meet not so interesting people, eat different types of food and experience a part of living that hasn’t been experienced before, or can’t be experienced if following the status quo. Its innovative and its quite healthy. It’s great knowing and being able to live within your own terms, with your own gifts and your own compass.

Discover your talent and find a way to monetize it. Start out little and go big.

And the less glamorous ones?

Being away from your family or your “comfort zone.” At times, learning a new system, or putting up with a different way is startling and inconvenient.

What’s your top tips for people that want to earn place independent income?

Discover your talent and find a way to monetize it. Start out little and go big. Take advantage of the word cheap for starters. Be financially astute and plan in advance!

Laurat riding a camel
Laurat taking charge of her life!

Do you have any tips for resources (web pages, books, courses etc.) for aspiring digital nomads?

Keep updated through, and

Please mention some amazing places you’ve discovered lately that you definitely want to go back to.

Barcelona and Ibiza Spain, Marrakesh Morocco and Accra Ghana.

Do you think this type of work and lifestyle is possible in the long run? How do you balance it with having a family?

The digital nomad lifestyle is possible for the long run, but you will eventually need to factor in time, age and change of needs. Its all going to depend on the individual and what they plan to do with their lives, especially in their older years where health, vision and vitality may decrease. Its good to start planning for how you’re going to manage your lifestyle down the line. Maybe you may travel less, or create a stationary location. There are retirees living a digital nomad lifestyle, however, in order for it to continuously be fulfilling, it must be properly planned. Only the individual can do that.

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